Thursday, June 7, 2012

Earn atleast $5 per day- Complete Auto Pilot Method

Earn atleast $5 per day- Complete Auto Pilot Method!!

After months of researching I want to share with you a
method to increase your earnings on PTC site, its very simple  "if you can't earn on quality try quantity" 

Now I will show how you can earn more money from ptc websites using  Multiclicker2 and plugins

Have you ever heard of Multiclicker2? No?
It's a successor of Multiclicker, one of the most famous autoclickers which allows you to earn super easy money on Pay to Click sites and the only one, which supports site adding - plugins.

With Multiclicker2 you can earn $INFINITE$ dollars a day, it just depends upon how many plugins you add to the program!

Main Features:

    1) Autoclicks PTC sites
    2) Supports Proxy Batch Adding
    3) Supports your own plugins
    3) Has a built-in SDK Builder ( editor )

Step 1: Download Multiclicker2 - download link 
Step 2: Download Captcha - download link
Step 3: Extract the Captcha to Multiclicker2 --> Captcha 

Step 4: Register in the sites given below and download the plugins for that site
Step 5: Move the .site file to Multiclicker2 --> Sites 
STEP 6. To upload a file in this program go to <File> an select <Load site> 


STEP 3. Click <Add> . A new window will open, where we select our file. Select in menuu <Login details>, and write your username and password .

Click OK, and site is added 
Step 9: Click Ok and Click start to run the Multiclicker

First Register in these sites and then download the plugins for the respective sites :)

Big-bux (Minimum payout 1.20$)

(payment got one time, instant payment , going to upgrade)
Register Here--Download Plugin

NeoXsense(minimum Payout : 0.1$)

Register Here---Download Plugin

PTC Box(minimum Payout : 1$-2$)

Use your 
email address on the username fieds otherwise it shown plugin error

Register Here ---Download Plugin 

Ref4Bux(minimum Payout : 0.1$)

Register Here---Download Plugin

Globalpaid-Bux(minimum Payout : 1$ instant)

Register Here--Download Plugin

(minimum Payout : 1$ instant)

Register Here ---Download Plugin

Kissmybux(minimum Payout : 0.25$)
Register Here---Download Plugin

buxtycoon (min payout: 1$)
Register Here---Download Plugin 

Matterbux (min payout: 2$, new site)
Register Here---Download Plugin 

CashTream (min payout: 0.10$)
Register Here---Download Plugin 

Scarlet Clicks (Minimum Payout 0.1$)

Loadsahits (New honest Site minimum Payout: 0.10$)

Powerofptc  (Old honest Site minimum Payout: No minimum)

Register Here---Download Plugin
or click bellow banner and register

Charmbux-(Instant Payout)

Register Here---Download Plugin


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